One Stop Solution Action

Vega group is major manufacturers of feed additives and premixes in China and expanding its productions of food additives and premixes. With decades of production experiences, had produced full range of feed additives, food additives, premixes, and provide services of one stop solutions for global customers: Consultant service, R&D support, Technical support, Registration, Market information service, Training service, Finance services, OEM, additive formula solution, Joint venture production, Raw materials supplying, Products marketing in Chinese market, etc.

  • One-stop Solution

    Vega is one stop additives platform, and keep constantly innovations to meet with the requir-ements of feed and food industry: Feed additives, Food additives, Premix, Raw materials.

  • One-stop Distribution

    Vega sets up one stop distribution platforms in China and abroad markets. Share values and futures together with its partners.

  • Joint-venture Production

    Vega sets up joint venture productions for additives and premixes with its partners in local markets.

  • Logistics & Warehouses

    Vega sets up local logistical warehouses to assure the delivery efficiently, to serve within local markets.

  • Local Services

    Vega hires local sales and technical persons to serve its customers locally.

  • Brands Construction

    Vega devotes to brand constructions in local markets, to assure the products and services satisfied with customers, and share values with its local partners.

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