Social Responsibility

Vega shares the values from innovations,contributes to create values and share futures with its customers,partners,employees,investors.We regard all buyers,suppliers,partners as our customers,Focus on the philosophy of Customers 1st and act in fact for mutual win to win and sustainable development in China and global markets.Vega cares for employees,providing approximate working conditions,complete welfare system,superior salary and bonus and awarding system, upward career development arrangement,positive team culture construction. Every year newly build more than 2 new production bases in China and foreign markets,and innovate more new products to bring consistent and stable returns for investors, and create the local markets’ employment opportunities and promote the development of local economy. 

Vega every year attends more than 50 professional exhibitions, seminars and forums to describe and influence for creating green additives and food safety. We set up poverty alleviation funds for rural regions and scholarships in Universities to care about the children’s and youth’s educations, found Green technology academy and cooperated more than 10 universities and institutes in China and abroad to study and innovate green additive technologies to verify the effectiveness and safety, to make our children’s food more healthier. Vega every year donates lots of money to nurture the harmonious development of local society. 

Team Culture

Ideas for better life

To achieve No 1 green additives platform

Care for human health

Team Activity

Vega,One Team,One Family

Vega,One Team,One Family

Vega,One Team,One Family

Vega,One Team,One Family

Vega,One Team,One Family

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