Vega news 2023-09-11 on vitamins, amino acids,APIs, food additives, feed additives

Vega News 2023-09-11
1. Vitamins price trends:

Recently vitamins market prices trend weak. Vitamin B6 hcl, jiangxi tianxin stop offers. the dealing volumes of 

vitamin B2 98% and Vitamin b2 80% are downwarding, prices are stable; the dealing prices of D-calpan, niacin, 

nicotinamide,vitamin k3 msb,vitamin k3 mnb are slowly downwarding. 

Vitamins market news: 
1) Vitamin b2 80% from Shandong FY bio-technology co.,ltd had approved into european market recently. 
2) Some institute in China sucessed in produce vitamin b6 hcl by fermentation method. 

2. Amino acids price trends:

During nanjing VIV, most of factories of amino acids stop offers. Tryptophan, Valine, Isoleucine,Arginine market 

prices are uprising, and cargos delivery is tight. Dl-methionine from China manufacturers stop offers, 

marekt prices are going up. 

3. APIs price trends:

Doxycycline hyclate, Florfenicol market prices are going down, tylosin tartrate, otc base/hcl, neomycin sulphate 

prices are stable. 

4. Food additives price trends:

Sucralose,Aspartame,citric acid market prices are going up, xanthan gum currently price is stable, in future, 

forsee will go down.

5.Feed additives price trends:

Sodium butyrate, calcium butyrate, tributyrin, acidifier, probiotics are stable on prices, inquiries increase from 


Bypass fat(paltimic acid 85%) market prices are uprising. 

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