Straight to the scene! After 6 years, the 2023 China Vitamin Industrial Summit(CVIS) was held in Hangzhou as scheduled

2023 China Vitamin Industrial Summit(CVIS)

Together with VEGA  @Future

On December 7, the vitamin industry summit was held as scheduled at the Grand Parkray Hangzhou. The forum brings together outstanding talents from many fields such as leaders of various industry departments, experts and professors from various scientific research institutions, and elites from various entrepreneurs.

This forum mainly covers all aspects of the development of the vitamin industry, including market trends, supply chain optimization, swine, poultry, and aquatic nutritional requirements, as well as synthetic biology and technology industrialization.

In addition, the forum also invited many heavyweight guests, whose wisdom and experience will provide strong impetus for the sustainable development of the vitamin industry. Guests from different fields, with unique perspectives and deep insights, bring us valuable insights with their brilliant insight

16 keynote reports and 1 featured speech revealed the future trends and market characteristics of the vitamin industry, helping us better grasp opportunities and meet challenges.

Win "Great" business with "Efficiency"

As a strategic partner of this forum, Mr. Jinsong Liu, Chairman of Zhejiang Huijia Bio - technology co., Ltd., mentioned in his speech that "we provide vitamin products and solutions with higher bioavailability for customers around the world with global vision and pioneering determination, so that customers can enjoy a better experience."”

Grasp the future development direction of the enterprise, keep pace with the times, and forge ahead. As the host of VEGA Group, Mr. Youcheng Yan, President of VEGA Group, mentioned in his speech at the dinner, “It is a great honor to meet elites and entrepreneurs in vitamin-related fields at home and abroad here. Zhejiang Huijia is based on brand-new biotechnology and innovative preparation processes. Focusing on the needs of breeding, we will establish a business model of large-scale R&D, large-scale production and large-scale distribution to provide global farmers with high-quality and low-cost products and services. We hope to strengthen Zhejiang Huijia’s innovation in R&D, production and global distribution in the future to better Good results, higher efficiency, and create greater benefits. We are especially willing to work hand in hand with colleagues in the industry to promote the value improvement of the industrial chain and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry!

Landscapes enter poetry and painting, mist and rain dye Jiangnan

We are gathered in Hangzhou, China, on the brightly lit banks of the Qiantang River, to work together on the recovery and transformation of the vitamin industry.

This meeting is not only a gathering of big names to discuss the exchange of industry, but also a surprise feast for the senses.

A glass of wine to welcome the guests. The Feast started warmly with a toast by Mr. Youcheng Yan ......

Every part of the meeting was full of sincerity and surprise. The well-prepared programs overwhelmed everyone's attention and warm applause rose and fell ......

The exquisite prizes carefully selected by VEGA Group added a special surprise to this wonderful night.

Forging ahead into a new era, let us join hands to explore the driving force for the recovery and transformation of the vitamin industry and promote better development of the industry!

Finally, congratulations on the complete success of this event dedicated to the wisdom and empowerment of China’s vitamin industry.


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